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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Time to move on

The first part of moving on has happened i guess.

Graduation has happened, GMC numbers and certificate have been received, induction dates and details have been receved, and I am slowly turning my flat into something more like ahome after 18 months of being an extension of a library.

After getting a safestore unit in june, i have moved all my notes from my first degree and years 1-3 of medicine togetehr with old receipts, camping stuff and even my christmas decorations into the safestore box. This has left me room to get all my books onto my bookshelves and leave my desk and table free to eat from!!

I even bought my first CD racks, after ten years of owning CDs (I thought I'd see if they stuck around before investing in a storage solution) and was so happy with it I even bought one for my DVD's. this tidy up and organisation hopefully makes my flat look less like a students work area and more like a relaxing living room. i can;t help thinking though that when I sort out my new fridge freezer and some new kitchen flooring the flat will look a bit more homely and less studenty.

Still one step at a time.

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