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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Verdict

This morning was my interview with the Progress Committee. Despite having been awake half the night and then feeling very nauseous this morning, I made it into Uni ok, where it seemed to be about 20,000 C. I can't remember much of the interview, but anyway as I was getting off the Subway, I got a phone call to say my decision letter was waiting. I did toy with going home first, but thought "What the heck" and headed back into the West End to get it. On the way I bumped into Dave the Hat, who wished me luck.

All in all the result was good and I am allowed to repeat 3rd year, subject to a few conditions (which I will explain in another post).

I popped up to my old work to let a few of the guys there know. Little Miss P looked really happy at the news. The Butcher Boy was just about awake, but said he wasn't doing coffee for another hour at least, so I headed home and met him for lunch in George Square instead. We then went for coffee in starbuclks and it hurled it down with rain...so glad we chose to sit-in.

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Elaine said...

I am so pleased to hear the news! Good luck with Year 3 (bis). :-)