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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Holiday, what holiday?

As most of the medical faculty wind down slowly towards the easter holiday, which starts tomorrow or Friday, I am preparing for a short weekend off!

You may remember (see here, and here) that the GP Dept had decided that due to a shortage of GP's taking students this year, they would be not giving placements to those of us repeating 3rd year. thus we do not have to attend GPO Community Practice, nor complete the LCP.

However, we still have to sit the OSCE (albeit formatively), and thus in order to give us some refresher training in the examination etc skills for the OSCE, we get to visit a GP practice for 5 2 hour sessions. Due to GP and student availability, the only time we are all free, is Tuesdays and Thursdays over easter.

So my easter break from Uni will be spent partly in GP land doing clinical skills, partly in the Med School doing the same, mostly in the Library/SL trying to notify all my PBL scenarios thus far, and partly house-sitting for a friend (more later).

Oh and hopefully also meeting up with some friends for food or coffee.

Due to the cancellation of tomorrow's PBL session (facilitator on holiday), my easter begins at 12.30 tomorrow, and ends at 5pm on Monday, when I get back from a weekend away.

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